Automotive Digital Marketing Agency

Gainesville Digital Marketing Agency For Car Dealers

Worth Advertising Group is a automotive digital marketing agency located in Gainesville, FL. We are focused on providing automotive dealership’s all over the United States with email marketing and online advertising services to target in-market car buyers. We customize our digital marketing plans to fit each specific car dealership’s needs to increase traffic to your website and also your showroom.

Marketing Ideas For Car Dealerships

Coming up with marketing ideas or sales promotion ideas can seem difficult at times because you feel like you are doing the same things over and over again. We can help you create an achievable marketing strategy for selling cars and getting more people to bring their cars in for maintenance or services. Our automotive digital marketing agency provides well-thought-out car dealer campaigns through a combination of email marketing, search engine and social media advertising.

Car Dealer Marketing Strategies For Selling Cars

Our automotive digital marketing agency provides assistance with all of your digital marketing needs including coming up with new marketing ideas for car dealers. We work side-by-side with your dealership to create cost-effective email marketing campaigns as well as setting up digital ads to drive more traffic to your website or social media pages.

Automotive Marketing Services Provided By Worth Advertising Group

We help you to increase the efficiency of your email and PPC efforts by creating successful campaigns to reach local in-market car buyers. Our digital marketing agency knows the automotive market well and how to use consumer data to reach the right people who are interested in purchasing a new vehicle. We develop local-market action plans that generate more traffic and leads for your dealership that will convert into car sales.

Automotive Email Marketing Services

Email Lists For Conquest Advertising

Our agency provides conquest email lists and mailing lists of in-market auto intenders that we keep up to date to ensure the addresses we provide are always fresh and accurate. Your dealership can reach car buyers shopping for new vehicles with our automotive conquest lists.

Automotive Customer Retention Emails

Loyalty marketing is an important dealership strategy. Stay in touch or reconnect with your customers by sending retention emails. We create and manage email marketing campaigns that will help improve your dealership customer retention rates by sending messages and offers to engage them on a regular basis.

Mass Email Sending

Worth Advertising Group offers dealerships the ability to send bulk emails to their massive customer base when they have trouble finding a mailing service to delivery their messages to inboxes or have violated terms causing an account to be shut-down . Our mailing server system helps dealers send mass emails directly from our servers. We abide by the CAN-SPAM Act requirements to ensure emails are sent and delivered according to current laws.

Paid Online Marketing Ads For Dealerships

PPC Search and Display Advertising

Worth Advertising Group provides SEM pay-per-click for automotive car dealers. We will create the right search and display campaigns to meet your dealership’s needs and goals. Through our PPC efforts, we’ll drive valuable traffic to your website by creating search and display ads to target consumers in your designated marketing area.

Retargeting (Remarketing) Ad Campaigns

We customize online remarketing ad campaigns by using user data information and email addresses of people who are interacted with your business to create retargeting lists. We use the consumer lists to send sales emails and to set-up social media ads on Facebook. The retargeting ad campaigns we create are highly targeted to reach consumers who are already familiar with your dealership and more likely to convert.

Google Maps Local Listing Marketing

Attract local customers by displaying your dealership in the sponsored ad results at the top of organic Google Maps listings for local businesses. We will create ads to display in map results that can help increase visibility and to make it easier for people to find your dealership on Google Maps.