Automotive Conquest, Retention & Tier 1, 2, 3

WAG has over 15 years of email marketing experience, specializing in Tier I, II & III automotive conquest, retention and service email campaigns. No mark-ups, just an easy way to set up and deploy a successful email campaign.

Data-Driven Customer Acquisition & Consumer Retention Email Advertising

Whether you need a do-it yourself solution from pulling counts, or the less expensive high volume low CPM saturation email blast; Worth Advertising Group has the data and knowledge to put you on a path to success. Learn More About WAG’s Consumer Data

Target customers who own a specific vehicle or show interest in a particular type of make and model. Through conquest emails our team of marketing experts can target consumers within a Geo-target proximity to your dealership who previously purchased from another automotive dealer.

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Retention emails play a vital role in keeping customers engaged and to keep them coming back to your business. It is much easier and less expensive to retain customers than to bring in new ones.

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With developers and testers in-house, we have the ability to meet any deadline. We’ll code the campaign, upload the creative and blast it to email boxes.