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Introducing The InfoRide®️ App

Reverse Car Auction App For iPhone & Android Devices

With InfoRide®️, users get access to an automotive reverse auction app where they decide what they want to pay for a car, truck or SUV. Our car sales app eliminates the stress of face-to-face negotiations with a car salesperson.

How The App Works

The InfoRide®️ app displays detailed vehicle information car buyers need in one place. Users simply swipe left or click X within the app to see the next vehicle available for sale. Clicking the notepad icon will display the vehicle’s specs and its CARFAX report.

When you find a car you like, swipe right or click the heart and place your offer in seconds. The dealership selling the vehicle will receive your offer and you’ll get an answer quickly if they accept or decline.

InfoRide®️ App Features

See live vehicle inventory from local dealerships. New and used cars listed for sale include detailed information car buyers need and want to know when deciding which vehicle they want to purchase. The InfoRide®️ app makes the car buying process easy with our reverse automotive auction sales process where the buyer decides what they are willing to pay.

Get the best deal possible on a new car, truck or SUV from a local dealership near you. The power is in your hands, literally, when you use the InfoRide®️ app to browse new and used vehicles for sale. Make your next vehicle purchase by placing your offer through the app. Download it today! Available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Take advantage of our 90-day trial offer before it ends (Dec 31, 2022). Automotive dealers and OEMs receive qualified vehicle offers from InfoRide®️ app users who are browsing for new and used cars. You’ll get free inventory integration and listing management access. Have questions about InfoRide®️? Click here to contact us.

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Android & iOS App Deals

It’s easy to get a great deal. Download the InfoRide® app to get access to a new way to buy cars. Find the vehicle you want to purchase, select it and make an offer. When the dealer accepts, you’ll get an awesome price on a car, truck or SUV.

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Sell the vehicles on your lot faster by putting your inventory in front of people who are in the market for a new car, truck or SUV. Quickly import and easily manage your in-stock vehicles to our app.

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Schedule a demo with our InfoRide® app consultant to see how your dealership can get more qualified offers from car buyers. No risk or obligation. We’ll arrange a day and time to give you a one-on-one demonstration of our app.

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  • Free Inventory Integration & Management
  • 90-Day Trial For Dealerships
  • Free Advertising Offer Valid Through December 31, 2022