Worth Advertising Group Introduces The InfoRide® App

Connecting Car Buyers with OEMs and Local Dealerships We have created a great app which gives car buyers instant access to the latest sales pricing on new vehicles and services. InfoRide® gives the consumer a one-stop shop for all National & Regional incentives from the manufacturer or dealer. Car Deals App Currently Available For iPhone … Read more

Automotive Marketing Trends

Online Car Sales & No Contact Service Are The New Normal Car dealers need to consider changing the way they sell vehicles. Selling cars without ever meeting the customer was a tactic many dealers, like yours, didn’t want to take part in. Then came 2020. Most in-market consumers no longer want to walk into dealership … Read more

How To Sell Cars When People Are Staying Home

Take Your Car Dealership To Your Local Customers To Sell More Vehicles Unfortunately, customers are avoiding coming to dealership showrooms because of social distancing. Auto dealers are losing business and it is no fault of their own. If you have no one coming to your dealership’s showroom, how are you supposed to sell cars? While … Read more

Real Estate Professionals Can Benefit From Using Automotive Data To Reach Consumers

Targeted Auto Buyer Data For Real Estate Email Marketing Car dealerships and manufacturers send out high volume marketing emails and direct mail pieces to very targeted consumer lists. This same information can be beneficial to the Real Estate industry as it allows you reach people who match your buyer requirements. Using a highly targeted lead … Read more

WorthAuto Integration with NinjaCat

WAG Automotive Email Marketing Platform The Worth Advertising Group (WAG) email management system is integrated with NinjaCat so automotive marketers and dealerships can view all of their marketing data in one place. By linking WAG with NinjaCat, it allows you to view your automotive email campaign stats along with other sources of marketing data. This … Read more

Automotive Sales: Email Marketing Campaign Ideas

Email Marketing Content Ideas Email marketing for car dealers is win-win advertising tactic. Auto dealerships benefit from email marketing campaigns because it’s affordable to send multiple messages to a target audience. Automotive email campaigns are an effective way to reach car buyers within your designated market area (DMA). We offer several automotive email marketing content … Read more

Automotive Retargeting Ad Campaigns For Dealerships: Online Targeted Advertising

Show Ads To People Who Visited or Interacted With Your Dealership One of the most cost effective ways for car dealerships to advertise online is by creating retargeting ad campaigns. It’s an easy advertising method to set-up by creating online automotive marketing campaigns to reach potential customers who have visited your website, came into your … Read more