How to Get More Customers as a Car Salesperson

How to Get More Customers as a Car Salesperson

Tips For Car Salespeople To Increase Monthly Car Sales Sometimes it’s the car salespeople working at a dealership who do a better job bringing in new and repeat customers than the actual dealer and you’re wondering how you can market yourself as a car seller. Finding your own customers is not as difficult as you … Read more

Automotive Digital Marketing Services For Car Dealerships

Automotive Digital Marketing Services For Car Dealerships

Digital Marketing Agency for Automotive Dealerships Creating a successful automotive digital marketing campaign should always include a combination of marketing tactics to reach potential car buyers on different platforms and networks. Splitting your monthly marketing budget across email, social media and PPC marketing are considered the best for ROI because dealerships can easily shift the … Read more

What’s New In Automotive Marketing?

What's New In Automotive Marketing

Marketing Trends For Dealers As technologies advance so does the way consumers shop for cars. Marketing trends have changed since the Internet became readily available to everyone and the reason why automotive advertising tactics used by dealerships have swayed from traditional prints ads to digital marketing ads. Even the past 3 years have helped reshape … Read more

How a Dealerships Can Build Customer Loyalty

How Car Salesperson Can Build Customer Loyalty at a Dealership

Reward Your Loyal Dealership Customers Creating long-term relationships with dealership customers is the best way to establish loyalty. People who have purchased vehicles from your dealer lot or car owners who have their cars serviced at your dealership should be rewarded for being loyal. There is a reason why they like coming back and why … Read more

Dealership Marketing Support

Dealership Marketing Support

Auto Dealer Marketing Assistance The realization that your dealership is falling behind in getting the latest promotions out is a good sign that you need help. Many dealers will eventually reach a point where they’ll have to make the decision to hire additional in-house marketing specialists or to outsource the work to an outside company … Read more

New Google Car Sales Ads Format For Car Dealerships

Google Merchant Center Vehicle Data Feeds For Ads

Google Merchant Center Vehicle Data Feeds For Ads A new ad format is available for automotive dealerships through Google Merchant Center and Google Ads. These vehicle ads will now allow dealers to advertise their entire inventory of in-stock vehicles to users searching on Google. The new ads will display the year, make and model along … Read more

How To Reduce Email Bounce Rate On Automotive Dealership Campaigns

Reduce Automotive Dealership Email Bounce Rate

Improving Dealer Email Bounce Rates You’ve acquired a great email list over the years by asking your dealership’s customers to opt-in for marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, when you send out a campaign, it tends to have a high bounce rate on opened emails meaning people are not clicking through to your website. This leaves many dealership … Read more

Car Dealership Apps That Help Sell More Cars

Automotive Apps To Sell More Cars

Automotive Apps To Get More Leads As technology changes so has the car selling process. Twenty years ago most dealerships relied heavily on print ads. Ten years ago dealers couldn’t survive without PPC campaigns. And now, car sellers are starting to utilize more and more automotive apps to sell cars. Why Dealerships Should Consider In-App … Read more

Reverse Auction App For Car Buying

Reverse Auction App For Car Buying

Fastest Way To Get The Best App Deal On A New Vehicle A reverse auction app is available for download that makes it easy for users to place offers on vehicles listed for sale. The InfoRide® app connects you, the car buyer, with local dealerships. The app’s reverse auction process allows users to browse for … Read more